December 1, 2013

Changing Hands

Amy Royer started Yellow Bird Fabrics almost 5 years ago. She has seen it grow and flourish into a dream come true. Her vision is shared by all of us, I think. She wanted to continue on with Fashion Affair's legacy and bring fine apparel fabrics to Salt Lake City. She's done that and so much more. She's created a marvelous environment in which a fashion sewer can truly come and be inspired. Not only inspired but can also purchase fabrics that are hard to find elsewhere. As many customers have stated, time and time again, there is nothing like being able to purchase fine fabric in person. Getting a feel for the fabric, the exact color and texture and the hand are all important details of purchasing the right textile for the right garment and Amy's kept these in abundance.

I remember the very first time I stepped foot into Yellow Bird Fabrics. It was in their old location, 2828 E. 3300 S. Sure it was tiny, but it was jam packed with the most glorious fabrics. I had seen nothing like it! Beautiful wools, silks and cottons. So much color, so much variety and choice. It was marvelous. I spotted hair canvas on my first trip there and nearly fainted. For me, it was heaven to actually be able to buy the fabrics locally that I needed. I remember popping into the shop nearly every week to see what was new and was never disappointed and rarely left empty handed. I loved it. And I still do.

Amy's legacy and footsteps will be a hard act to follow. She's a wonderful friend, sewing advocate and instructor. She's moving on to fulfill new roles in life and as luck would have it, she has generously bequeathed her legacy onto me. So here goes:

I'm Sunni Standing. I've been teaching the classes here at Yellow Bird for a little over a year now and I love it, what can I say. I own my own small business where I sell specialty dressmaking and tailoring notions and supplies online. I am the writer behind the blog A Fashionable Stitch and that, friends, is where we're headed. A Fashionable Stitch is now officially open for business in the brick and mortar that was formally Yellow Bird Fabrics. I can't tell you how excited I am. I can't even begin to elaborate on how I'm just a little bit nervous and jittery, but the excitement outweighs these feelings by a landslide. I hope you'll join me in continuing on Amy's vision. Let's stash the world in natural fibers! Yay!


  1. Sunni, congratulations!!! This is amazing news! Amy has left you something very wonderful. I can't wait to stop in and see your new digs. :)

  2. This is an exciting change! I know you'll continue to do wonderful things with a shop that is already a wonderful resource.